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�A Study of New Zealanders� Physical Activity and Nutrition�

On Thursday, June 17 2004, the Cancer Society of New Zealand released the results of a major survey, undertaken in partnership with Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC). One aspect of this wide-ranging study was to better understand the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of those not meeting the Ministry of Health�s fruit and vegetable consumption targets.

The survey was conducted as a mail survey between 29 May and 31 July 2003. The Cancer Society received 8163 responses from 14,000 randomly selected households contacted, a credible response rate of 61%. The questionnaire was comprehensive, with more than 300 questions derived from a similar study conducted by the American Cancer Society (led by a leading social marketer, Dr Edward Maibach).

For the first time in New Zealand, this has provided unusually detailed information from a large sample, not only on behaviour, but also on attitudes, motivations and the perceived benefits from eating fruit and vegetables.

Key Messages

� Eating at least five servings of fruit and vegetables each day is one of the simplest things you can do to reduce your risk of cancer.
� New research has revealed important knowledge gaps in people�s understanding about the quantity of fruit and vegetables they should consume.
� There is a lack of understanding about the link between fruit and vegetable consumption and preventing some cancers.
� 68 percent of people who don�t eat enough fruit and vegetables don�t know they don�t.
� Frozen and canned fruit and vegetables are just as good as fresh.
� Most New Zealanders know they should eat fruit and vegetables for a healthy lifestyle, yet nearly half do not do so.
� Adequate physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption protects against many cancers and other diseases such as heart disease.

Food for thought�

Latest research tells us that people who eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables each day, are active and keep their weight down are less likely to get some cancers. LiveSmart. Stack the odds in your favour.

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  Research from the Cancer Society of New Zealand...
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