Welcome to the LiveSmart web site. This is the place where you can stack the odds in your favour - against some cancers. How? by doing these 3 simple things....

1: Getting heaps of activity in your life
2: Eating lots of fruit and vegetables and...
3: Keeping trim.

But we know life�s busy and time�s short. We all want to live a healthy lifestyle but we don�t want to give up living to do it. So the Cancer Society has developed LiveSmart to fit into your life. LiveSmart is all about making simple and small changes that add up to a healthier lifestyle. It's made to fit into your life.

To give you all the help you need to stack the odds in your favour, we've developed the LiveSmart Coach.

The LiveSmart Coach will show you...

�   How to slip healthy foods into your day
�  How to beat the vending machine munchies
�  Cheap ways to fill your fridge and cupboards with healthy fast food
�  Simple ways to make takeaways healthier
�  Sneaky ways to fit activity into your day and lots more..

Sign up now and get 12 weeks of email coaching, tips and simple strategies to MoveSmart, EatSmart and ShopSmart. All designed to help you stack the odds in your favour.

But don't keep it to yourself, get your family and friends stacking the odds in their favour too. Because by getting active and eating more fruit and vegetables you�ll all be doing the things that reduce your risk of some cancers.

Brought to you by the Cancer Society because we want to reduce the rates of cancer in New Zealand.

  What is the LiveSmart Coach?
    Your own personal email coach sent straight to you each week.
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    Research from the Cancer Society of New Zealand...
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