Use MoveSmart to stack the odds in your favour

Latest research tells us that being active is a great way to stack the odds in our favour against cancer. Plus we also get the bonus of helping to protect ourselves against diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity - all just by moving our body.  Now that's great value! 

How much do we need to do?
The aim is 30 - 60 minutes a day of activity but sometimes that can be hard to fit into busy lives full of families, work and play. So how do we fit it in? By cheating! Try these MoveSmart ideas to activate your day. They'll help you stack the odds in your favour, grab some time with your friends and some great play time with your kids.

Good start: Park in the far end of the carpark when you're shopping or heading to work. If you walk an extra 500m each time, you'll sneak in 5km of walking over the week!

Better: Try walking the kids to school or to the library on the weekends. Another simple way to sneak in a few Km's over the week.

Best: Do a backyard blast. Mow the lawns, trim the hedges, scrub the deck...Just like a gym workout without the cost or need for lycra!

Fantastic: Sign up and train for an event like Relay for Life, Special K tris or a local fun run. A great way to make being active a part of your day and your life.

For clever ways to sneak in activity into your day, sign up for the LiveSmart Coach - it's full of tips and tricks for sneaking activity into your day to help you stack the odds in your favour. You'll be amazed how easy it is!


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