Grow Smart

Making dinner and short on veges for your salad?....Then just reach out the window!

Looking for a family friendly way to get the kids away from the TV?....Then just walk out the back door!

Want a cheap supply of fruit and veges that you can grab 24/7?....Then how about a fruit + vege shop in your backyard?

Got a bit of your lawn that's a pain to mow?....Then cover it with beans, tomatoes, lettuces and more mowing and free fruit and veges!

GrowSmart is all about making it easy to set up a great healthy garden...simply. Check out the links to find out everything you need to get up and get growing in your backyard.

No 'Green Fingers'? No worries - we guide you on the key things to do in your garden each month with the GrowSmart Calendar on the right.

Setting up a GrowSmart backyard garden is simple, satisfying and a great way to get yourself and your kids active without them knowing. Swap the PlayStation for the SpadeStation!

GrowSmart Pages
:: Why GrowSmart?
:: First steps to GrowSmart
:: The GrowSmart Calendar
:: Start simple..GrowSmart in pots
:: GrowSmart friendly links...

 GrowSmart Calendar - January
  Time for summer salads in your backyard
 GrowSmart Calendar - February
  Save money, make your own seeds for next year
 GrowSmart Calendar - March
  Set up your winter vege patch
 GrowSmart Calendar - April
  Check out the 'plant of the month'...Peas
 GrowSmart Calendar - May
  mmmmm strawberries! Want some? Grow your own...
 GrowSmart Calendar - June
  Get wet and wild in the garden...
 GrowSmart Calendar - July
  Set up your fruit trees for summer
 GrowSmart Calendar - August
  Carrots..the plant of the month for August
 GrowSmart Calendar - September
  It's getting warmer so time to get growing
 GrowSmart Calendar - October
  Time to sow your summer veges
 GrowSmart Calendar - November
  Hoe down time!
 GrowSmart Calendar - December
  It's summer so it must be time for sweetcorn!
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